What is IDEA Club?
It stands for Imagine, Design, Enact, Achieve. Idea Club is currently only available to Princeville students in 4th-8th grade and homeschool equivalent. This program was funded by the Illinois State Library's Project Next Generation grant.

How do you participate?
Participants must be between 4th-8th grade to comply with our grant requirements. Visit the library on scheduled pickup days to checkout a kit. While pieces vary from kit to kit, everyone has the same mission. Builders will have about 2 weeks to come up with an creation that completes the session's mission and turn it in for display at the library.

Creations will be displayed for around 1 week before being disassembled and sanitized before the start of the next mission.

What are these "missions?"

Missions will include various themes, objectives, and goals that need met. Builders are not allowed to use bricks or pieces from their personal collections. Objectives must be met using only the pieces provided. Click here for a list of missions, new ones will be added as the program progresses.

If you have Lego bricks and accessories you are no
longer using the library would love to receive them as a donation. They would be greatly appreciated!