Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting Tuesday, September 6th we will be reopening HS Cafe.

This fall HS Cafe will be held every Tuesday and Friday from 3:15-5pm.

HS Cafe can be a great place to hang out before the Friday night football games!

High school teens can use laptops, listen to music, play Wii

or do homework (yeah right! lol).

On opening day we will have popcorn and

drinks available to teens who participate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Travels: P.T.B. Update ~ August 15, 2011

Sorry we haven't been keeping our book travels as up-to-date as we'd like. It's been really busy at the library. To date, we have recorded 8 passes. We had three new registrations this week. Book # 2 has now been logged three times! Even if you don't read the book please log that it was passed to you and then pass it on to a friend or relative to keep the book moving.

We've also added a new town to where are books have been.

  • Edelstein, IL (#2)
See where your book has been and where others have traveled. If you haven't gotten your Pass the Book copy of "Every Soul a Star" stop by the Library to pick one up, while supplies last. You may also join the waiting list should a copy be returned to the Library. Check back again for more news of book travels!