Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Patron Book Review ~ Bluestem

Bluestem by Frances Arrington
Published: 2000
Genre: Historical fiction, family, prairie frontier

With their father away and their mother traumatized by some unknown event, eleven-year-old Polly and her younger sister are left to take care of themselves and their prairie homestead.

Polly and Jessie are young pioneer girls who live with their family on the prairie. One day, their mama disappears. The girls find her and bring her home to the family soddy, but Mama doesn't seem to know who or where she is. Polly and Jessie have to care for her until Papa returns from across the prairie. But the girls are afraid. Ruthless neighbors want to seize the family's land, and Mama is getting worse. Can Polly and Jessie manage alone? "A well-characterized and beautifully written historical novel." (School Library Journal)

"Readers will be quickly turning pages to discover the fate of these stalwart heroines. . . ." (Publishers Weekly)
Review by patron, Lindsey: 
(No stars noted)
It was great about be patient and have stick-to-itevness.

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